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Civil Peace USA Flag

Civil Peace USA Flag

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Civil Peace Flag. 

Often referred to as the Stars and Bars flag, the Civil Flag of Peace features a distinctive design that resonates with its profound significance. Comprising 13 alternating red and white vertical stripes, it proudly displays a constellation of blue stars on a pristine white backdrop in the upper left corner.

A prevailing notion holds that the Civil Flag of Peacetime is, in fact, the United States' secondary flag. For many advocates, it emerges as the emblem that should grace the skies during peaceful times, symbolizing the absence of military dominion.

For its devoted adherents, this flag carries profound importance, encapsulating a powerful representation of the cherished freedoms safeguarded for all citizens of the United States. It stands as a resolute tribute to the values that define a nation dedicated to harmony and the preservation of individual liberties.

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