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Telescopic Flag Pole - 6 Feet

Telescopic Flag Pole - 6 Feet

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Telescopic flag poles at affordable prices. These poles are perfect for cheer-leading, music festivals, marathons, and sporting events. Please email us about our ATV whips as they are not listed on our site. Thank you! 

Flag Pole Features:

  • Fits best with "SLEEVE OPTION" for Flag rather than Grommets
  • Super lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Fits SINGLE SIDED flags only up to 3x5 feet in size
  • 3x5 Double Sided Flags are too heavy for this pole! 
  • Music Festival Compliant - (Approved by most venues that allow flags)
  • Telescopic Aluminum Flag Pole
  • Foam Handle will be Red, Blue, Yellow or Green based on availability.

6 Foot Pole Dimensions:

  • Extendable To 6 Feet (can handle flag of this height)
  • Retractable To 12 Inches
  • Handle is 7 inches
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