Grommets VS Sleeves




Flag Pole Attachment - Grommets VS Sleeve

When it comes to flag to flag pole and whip attachment there are 2 options we offer. Every flag owner has their own preference. We go over the details of each option below.





Grommets are 2 brass holes pounded into the fabric of the flag that allow for easy flag pole attachment. It is recommended to use zip ties or alligator clips to adhere the pole or whip to the flag. This option gives you the most versatility as you do not have to worry about the pole diameter being to large or too small to fit to the flag.  LED whip owners often prefer this option as the entire LED whip near the flag is visible opposed to some LEDs being covered by the “sleeve option.”

fest-flags-grommets      Black Grommets On Black Oxford Sleeve


Sleeve and Ropes


Sleeves are offered in white or black using a heavy duty oxford fabric.  All sleeves can be customized and cut to accommodate any size pole diameter.


Formula for Determining Optimal Sleeve Width
Pole Diameter X 1.75 = Sleeve Length


The formula above will allow for a sleeve that fits your pole perfectly.  Please indicate your pole diameter thickness in the 'design notes’ section of your order if you want it customized.

If not specified, we put a 1.5 inch sleeve on your custom flags which can accommodate a 7/8's inch pole diameter.

A rope/ribbon is sewn on the top and bottom of the sleeve so you can fasten the sleeve to the pole and tighten it in place to prevent slippage. However, additional support is suggested such as a stopper, clamp, rubber ring, zip-tie, or even glue to hold the flag in place.

Sleeves are a good option to connect your flag to your whip or flag pole although some have expressed that they do not want to cover up their LED whips with the sleeve so they opt for the grommets instead.

Fest-Flags-White-Poly-Sleeve-and-Rope-with-pole       fest-flags-black-heavy-duty-oxford-sleeve-and-rope



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